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What A Load Of Tits!

by | 15th, June 2004

‘AS if there weren’t enough tits already on display in the house, Big Brother is fast becoming the world’s most drawn-out wet T-shirt competition as one female contestant after another finds an excuse to take their top off.

The Brains Trust

Of course, in Michelle’s case this is understandable – her appearance on the programme is actually one long audition for a job as a glamour model and we confidently expect her breasts to make a series of public appearances even after she has been evicted.

But the others seem just as obsessed with getting their boobs out purely for the love of the game.

Emma, who is so thick she gives idiots a bad name, has been passing time in the bedsit flashing her tits at the cameras; Shell’s solution to any problem is to take her clothes off; and even Nadia now looks for any excuse to get her man-made mammaries out.

Only Vanessa has kept her puppies under wraps so far, although Jason (whose own breasts are probably bigger than anything the girls have to offer) is doing his best to get himself a private viewing.

Let’s just hope this behaviour isn’t contagious – there are also quite enough pricks on view in the house without Victor, Jason, Nadia et al showing us theirs.’

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