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A Proud Racist

by | 16th, June 2004

‘FANCY that! It turns out that our friend Robert Kilroy Silk isn’t quite the white-haired knight in shining armour come to save us from flag-banning Tony Blair after all.

Scratch the orange surface…

In fact, it appears that the orange face of the UK Independence Party conceals a rather nasty piece of work, his carefully cultivated image belying ‘the hypocrisy of a man whose tendency to berate single mothers for their own lapses in morality is not reflected in his behaviour’.

Well, blow us down with a feather!

All of us here at Anorak Towers were staggered to discover in this morning’s Mirror that Kilroy was anything other than a fine upstanding pillar of our multicultural society.

‘This is a millionaire who, despite having been married for 42 years to wife Janet, fathered a love child he has never met,’ accuses the paper.

‘He is a bully who has been violent and is said to have cut off the water supply to his neighbours’ home.

‘He is an ambitious political chameleon who has attacked races from Arab to Irish and insulted Muslims.

‘He is an egotist and so astonishingly vain he once thought himself ‘too handsome for politics’.’

In fact, it appears from the Mirror article that Kilroy, one of 12 UKIP MEPs elected last week, is the political equivalent of the English thugs that ran amok in Portugal two nights ago.

We already know that he thinks Arabs are ‘suicide bombers, limb amputators and women repressors’, but here are his views on some other nationalities.

Ireland is ‘a country peopled by peasants, priests and pixies’; Pakistanis ‘want to generate hate’; the French are ‘devious’, Germans ‘truculent’ and Spanish ‘not to be trusted’.

And as for Muslims, ‘they are backward and evil and if it is racist to say so…then racist I must be – and proud and happy to be so’.

And we are so proud and happy to have you representing us in Brussels…’

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