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What A Riot!

by | 18th, June 2004

‘ENGLAND’S reputation for hooliganism is a well-earned one, as the residents of Marseilles, Charleroi and Albufeira will attest.

Not every English idiot is in Portugal

And to that list of shame we can now add the Big Brother house in Elstree, after police had to be called in to deal with a mini-riot among housemates.

The Star says it was “the most shocking night of drunken violence and vandalism ever seen during the spy-on-the-wall show”.

And things got so bad that Channel 4 actually took the programme off air for an hour while they tried to restore order.

The catalyst for the violence was the reintroduction of Emma and Michelle into the house after they had spent the past few days secretly watching the other housemates slag them off.

Emma, who is so thick she gives planks a bad name, had been seething after hearing Victor call her “stupid”, “boring” and a “racist”.

Which particular epithet she was unhappy about we are not sure, but trouble flared when she decided to confront him about it.

“What you gonna fucking do about it, you fucking dirtbag,” he responded (according to the Sun’s record of the conversation), before throwing a glass of wine over Emma.

She then responded by hurling food at him, followed by a volley of pots and pans.

“You’re a fucking bitch,” Victor raged. “I’ll sort you out.”

“You’ll sort me out,” the Plank replied. “A joker like you acting like some kind of black guy.”

Meanwhile, Scottish beefcake Jason had lost it with Marco, who had taken to dancing, shrieking and waving his fingers at him in an ultra-camp attempt to destroy Jason’s life.

“Gimp boy Gollum – don’t dance in my face,” he shouted. “Don’t fucking disrespect me. I will fucking kill you. I will fucking take your head off.”

And Nadia was threatening to press charges against Vanessa after an unseen brawl in the bathroom in which the she-man claimed her housemate had “lunged” at her.

The show’s producers responded to the violence by sending Emma back to the bedsit and splitting the housemates up into two groups as police tried to get to the bottom of what went on.

With the 11 suspects already locked up and video recording of every moment of the scrap, this is one case that even Hertfordshire’s finest might just about solve.’

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