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It’s A Fake

by | 18th, June 2004

‘YOU would have thought that in the wake of Piers Morgan’s departure from the Mirror the other papers would have been especially wary about publishing fake pictures.

As real as you want her to be

But the forensic experts at Anorak Towers have been poring over a picture of Page 3 girl Michelle Marsh in this morning’s Star…and their verdict is that it’s FAKE.

No, we’re not talking about Michelle’s EE chest, although it is possible that there is some silicone involved.

Nor are we talking about Michelle’s lovely blonde hair, although we suspect that it may well have come straight from the bottle.

We’re talking about Michelle’s Cross of St George’s bikini bottoms (needless to say, she’s not wearing a top), which have quite clearly been added on with the help of a computer.

Is Michelle not quite the patriot that we had her down as? Is she not cheering on “our boys” in Portugal with as much gusto as she was cheering on “our boys” in Iraq?

Or is there something even more sinister at work? Does Michelle even exist outside the pages of the Daily Star? Has anyone ever seen her in her home town of Oldham?

And, if not, then what can we believe? Lucy Pinder…’

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