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The Atkins-Sands Diet

by | 18th, June 2004

‘BEFORE Dr Atkins turned the world into steak-guzzling, cheese-chomping, spud-avoiding cholesterol junkies, there was a man named Bobby Sands.

‘Today I had two glasses of water for lunch and a glass of fizzy water for pudding’

He was the originator of the short-lived Bobby Sands Diet. It’s long-forgotten now, but in 1981 anyone who was anyone (at least in the Maze prison) was following it.

The principles of the diet – stop eating – were simple and the results immediate – the weight literally fell off Bobby and his fellow dieters.

But unfortunately the diet worked just a bit too well – and, 66 days after starting, Bobby died, followed in the ensuing weeks by nine fellow slimmers.

Obviously the diet was discredited in the immediate aftermath of Bobby’s death and the world turned instead to Dr Atkins and his vision of a high-protein, low-carbohydrate future.

But these things go in cycles, and it appears that at last Bobby Sands is getting the recognition he deserves for his groundbreaking work.

In fact, it appears that Renee Zellwegger is just the first of what we hope will be a stream of celebrities lining up to endorse the Atkins-Sands diet.

Registered dietician Christopher Fuzy explains to the National Enquirer how the “three-day diet plan that will help you lose five pounds in 10 days” works.

Basically, you stuff your face for three days with cheese omelettes, hamburgers, roast beef, cheese, protein bars and more cheese – all washed down with eight glasses of water.

And then you don’t eat for a week.

Fuzy says he has helped hundreds of models and athletes who “want to lose five pounds a week to fit into their party dress or look slender for a special event” to do exactly that.

Some people still haven’t seen the light, however – and in the same edition of the Enquirer we discover that Drew Barrymore’s still on her turkey diet.

However, Drew has shed a whopping two stone by eating lean proteins like turkey every day.

Other devotees of the turkey diet include Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, although they prefer to star in them than eat them…’

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