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Paris’s Paunch

by | 18th, June 2004

‘IT appears that socialite and home movie star Paris Hilton is not a subscriber to either the Atkins-Sands diet or the turkey diet.

‘You taste salty and fishy…like the sea’

The Enquirer publishes a picture of everyone’s favourite hotel heiress sporting “a pot belly” at the 2004 MTV Movie Awards.

This is something of a surprise to us at Anorak – clearly Paris has not been sticking to the high-protein diet recommended by former boyfriend Rick Salomon.

She is not the only one, however – Britney Spears is also porking up a treat.

The Enquirer says that on a recent trip to Ireland with boyfriend Kevin Ferderline Brit spent her whole time in her $1,000-a-night suite ordering burgers and French fries.

And putting on weight is not the only bad habit the couple share – pot-bellied Paris did a Britney at the MTV Movie Awards by giving Carmen Electra a big snog on stage.

Although perhaps she was just hungry and looking for a spare bit of spinach stuck between the Baywatch beauty’s teeth…’

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