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Den Does The Dirty

by | 19th, June 2004

‘POOR Sonia – talk about jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Her young life has been tough enough – having to give her daughter up for adoption and then seeing the love of her life die.

Den of vice

Now she’s had to move from Dot and Jim’s house into Pauline’s. Even by EastEnders’ standards that’s serious suffering.

Sonia and Martin returned from Southend to sheepishly announce that they’d already got married. Dot and Pauline were furious that their plans for a massive do had been spoilt – they’d flown Robbie back from “India” (i.e. the dole queue) – but Dot eventually came round when she realised how selfish she had been.

Not so our Pauline though, the “toxic witch” was determined to make Sonia suffer. Worryingly, she accused Sonia of “taking me place in Martin’s life”, not quite seeming to grasp the fundamental differences in the roles of wife and mother.

Sonia managed to allay her fears. “Martin and I will always be there for you Pauline,” she said. “You’re family now.”

Pauline took this to mean that the happy couple would be moving in with her and announced as much to the whole Vic. Dot was furious, calling Pauline; “a selfish, bitter old woman”. She’s also a deranged one – doesn’t she realise that Sonia’s going to eat her out of house and home?

Elsewhere, Kat and Alfie’s marriage looks about as stable as Fat Pat up a stepladder. Alfie is still refusing to sleep with Kat (sensible man) and now he’s talking about leaving The Square – so it’s not all bad news.

The Ferrerias, however, look like they’re going nowhere. Without any money or jobs, they’ve still managed to find themselves a convenient, empty flat in The Square.

The least offensive of the family, Kereena, is going, however. She and Kelly have got jobs as holiday reps in Ibiza and they’re going over to “do the season”. Spencer is gutted as his relationship with Kelly was going really well. “I’ll call ya every day,” Kelly promised/lied to Spencer.

Dirty Den is also about to be caught out when wife Chrissie discovers the identity of his mistress. This can hardly be news to her though, surely. All she’d have to do was pick up any tabloid in the past month.’

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