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by | 19th, June 2004

‘EVER since the Anorak Rent-a-Kiddie service ran out of children for celebrities to pass off as their own, the stars began to look overseas.

‘Does it grind pepper as well?’

Victoria Beckham, who often poses with Brooklyn and Romeo (aka Jim Harrison and his dwarf father Steve), was recently forced to look for young flesh to hug in Peru.

EastEnders actress Charlie Brooks has been cuddling the pigmies of Africa (they are so very childlike), paving the way for Corrie’s Suranne Jones to do likewise.

But even the Third World has its limits – there are only so many children to go around.

So when Ronan Keating went to Ghana he needed a new prop.

He first tried the old ways, but even he could not have failed to spot that young fair-of-face Adwoa has also appeared as Donna Air’s child Freya, and will appearing in pantomime in Bournemouth this coming Christmas.

Ronan needed some luck. And when he saw a stall selling peppers, he hit pay dirt.

So there is the former Boyzone singer standing before an entire stall of peppers in Ghana.

“I have come back from Ghana with anger and confusion and a desire to make a difference,” says Keating, who omits to mention that he has also come back with some duty free peppers, both red and green.

He’s unhappy that what the geopolitical experts at Hello! call “rigid trade practices” are preventing the many growers of Ronan’s peppers and other vegetable props from earning a decent crust.

“The thing about this campaign,” says Ronan, “is that it’s not about money. It’s a campaign where people use their position to influence, to question things, write letters and change things.”

So get writing. And get influencing. Ronan’s already made a start and seems to have fostered some change already – some of his beloved peppers are now part of a stew…with rice.’

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