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On Her Metal

by | 21st, June 2004

”IT’S hard to look sexy when your legs and body are inflamed.’

Donna found the wooden pole gave her splinters

The undisputable truth as uttered by Donna Cleeve, who, the Sun reports, has been forced to give up her career as a pole dancer owing to an unfortunate condition.

After three months on the job, ‘scantily-clad’ Donna realised that the nickel used in the poles was triggering an allergic reaction on her skin.

‘I tried to ignore it but in the end it wasn’t worth the pain,’ says Donna, who has quit dancing for a job in sales.

Her removal has been a great loss to the industry, and many will miss the sight to Donna’s (stage name Honey) lithe, if slightly chapped, thighs wrapped around a pole.

But Muriel Simmons, head of a body called Allergy UK, is fully supportive of Donna’s decision.

‘Nickel and chrome allergy is quite common,’ says she, ‘and the only treatment is complete avoidance.’

So next time you go to place a few tenners’ worth of cash in a pole-dancer’s knickers, think on – she might be allergic to the nickel; best use copper pennies instead…’

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