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by | 21st, June 2004

‘TONY Blair knows a lot about the battle between reality and myth – although in the majority of occasions recently he has been fighting in the latter camp.

‘I’m still, I’m still Tony from the block…’

The existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Saddam Hussein’s ability to strike against Western interests in 45 minutes, Cool Britannia, the Millennium fireball…all were products of the Prime Minister’s fevered imagination.

But when it comes to the European ‘constitution’, Mr Blair is very much on the side of the angels as an unholy alliance of the right-wing press and politicians conspire to spread yet more myths about the EU.

The Independent this morning exposes a dozen or so claims made in the past few days about the document for the lies that they are.

For instance, it dismisses UKIP MEP Nigel Farrage’s absurd claim that Britain would have to surrender its place in Nato, on the UN Security Council and at the G8 summits as ‘fantasy’.

It castigates the Sun and the Daily Mail for selective misquoting and misrepresentation, such as the former’s claim that ‘a secret clause in the constitution would give Brussels control over our oil’.

And it shows up the claims of Tory politicians like shadow foreign secretary Michael Ancram’s assertion that the constitution is ‘a gateway to a country called Europe’ for the tosh that it is.

But what can one paper do when the vast majority of the national press is eurosceptic by inclination or by proprietor’s decree?

So Anorak today promises to join the battle on the side of reality and expose three euro-myths for the bunkum that they really are.

MYTH 1: Under the new constitution, Brussels will have the power to confiscate any child under the age of 18 months and sell them into slavery.

FACT: Britain has secured an opt-out from this provision, which will apply only to the 10 countries joining the union.

MYTH 2: Under the new constitution, any Frenchman or Italian will be perfectly within their rights to sleep with your wife or girlfriend whenever they choose.

FACT: This is true, but it is no more than a clarification of the existing position.

MYTH 3: Under the new constitution, it will be an offence to be seen in public with orange skin.

FACT: As this measure only applies to Robert Kilroy-Silk and Grant Bovey, it is surely one that will be welcomed across the country.’

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