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Skirting – The Issue

by | 21st, June 2004

‘THE antipathy towards anything European in this country is all the harder to understand given that our politicians have banned far more things than Brussels ever has.

Some of Year 10 were taking things a bit far

Smacking is next on the agenda, according to the Telegraph, no doubt followed closely by smoking, spitting, swearing and anything else beginning with S.

That will, of course, include skirts – and Kesgrave High School near Ipswich is stealing a march on its rivals by introducing the ban now.

New uniform regulations will require girls at the school to wear trousers to school from September to stop them turning up for lessons in miniskirts.

Chairman of the governors Margaret Young explained that an attempt to ensure skirts were of a regulation length two years ago had failed.

‘The impact was short-lived,’ we are told by the Telegraph, ‘and it wasn’t long before the skirts were very short again.

‘Parents might see their daughter go to school in one skirt, but they change to another shorter one at school or they roll up the top to make them look shorter. Some are practically pelmets.’

Some people might suggest that it was ever thus, but head teacher George Thomas says the ban was necessary because some girls’ skirts were impractical as well as immodest.

Now, we at Anorak are no experts in the finer points of women’s apparel, but how can a short skirt be more impractical than a long skirt?

Unless the problem is that some of the male teachers are having problems concentrating on their lessons…’

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