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Just Say No

by | 21st, June 2004

‘WHEN the Americans were stationed in Britain 60 years ago, the joke was that they were “overpaid, oversexed and over here”.

‘How do I get this bloody thing off?’

That is not something that could be said of the new generation of Yanks entering this country – members of the Silver Ring Thing here to preach chastity.

The Times says 50 members of the group will arrive on Friday in the Surrey village of Claygate to warn teenage virgins of the risks of premarital sex.

But it looks as if they’ll have their work cut out if reaction in the Times is anything to go by.

The paper speaks to one 15-year-old boy called Owen who asks: “What’s chastity?”

Nor is the message likely to hit home with Nicola, who thinks that most teenagers are mature enough to lose their virginities at 14.

And 17-year-old Tom dismissed the Silver Ring Thing members as “churchy types” and said he didn’t know anyone who would be going.

“They make too much of a deal about sex,” he complained. “It should be seen as more of a recreational thing.”

Rather like riding a bike…’

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