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Ignorance Is Bliss

by | 21st, June 2004

‘THERE is no end of things about which Kerry McPadding knows nothing.

‘The one on the right’s Syd, the one on the left’s Ben’

For instance, although she knows ‘everybody’s’ talking about Big Brother, ‘I don’t really know who’s who and don’t know much about it’.

Still, she considers it a shame that Kitten was evicted and thinks the prevalence of sex in the house is like watching free porn, and that is no good.

Kerry also doesn’t know much about boxing, and doesn’t see the point to it. ‘I just don’t get it!’ says Kerry.

But she’s talking about boxing because Syd Owen is scheduled to fight Ben Fogle in the ring in a charity bout.

Not that Kerry would step into the ring – something we consider to be a deep, deep shame.

From there it is leap in the darkness to talk about how ‘poor old’ Alex Kingston has been dropped from the cast of ER.

‘I don’t watch ER,’ says Kerry, who, although ignorant of the plot, is in a state of disbelief that one of her favourite characters might have been sacked.

Perhaps Kingston would like to make it on the London stage? Kerry would.

Penny Lancaster has just appeared in Tonight’s The Night – the musical of her boyfriend Rod Stewart’s hits – and it’s proved to be an inspiration to Kerry.

‘I wouldn’t mind making a guest appearance in a musical,’ says McPadding.

‘I’d choose Tonight’s The Night because I’m a huge fan of Rod Stewart. And Mamma Mia, because she’s a big fan of Abba’s music – although she’s never seen the actual show.

What she has seen, and knows all about, is Harry Potter and his latest outing on the silver screen.

‘I like Harry Potter, I really do,’ says Kerry. ‘I really enjoyed the film – me and Bryan went to watch it the other day.’

It’s great and just like the books – although ‘I haven’t read any of the books myself’.

However, Bryan might have read them out aloud to her at bedtime…’

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