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Jam Today, Jam Tomorrow

by | 23rd, June 2004

‘THE Anorak Diet is proving to be a sensation.

‘Hell, I’m feeling crazy. What about some marmalade today?’

Men and women in their thousands are enrolling on our correspondence course and a monogrammed ‘Grain O’Rice A Day’ is in the post to each and every one of them.

If you don’t receive your personalised meal by August (the post is unreliable), don’t worry – you may be about to die of starvation, but the pall bearers will know you to have been slim, slim, slim!

But still there are some of you not with us, some who play Russian roulette with your health.

And so we learn in the Express of 15-year-old Craig Flatman, who lives on a diet of jam sandwiches.

Since the age of four, Craig has refused to eat anything other than sandwiches.

To date he has eaten 70,000 servings of white sliced bread sandwiches, smeared with margarine and strawberry, raspberry or blackcurrant jam.

Despite representatives from each major food group and lashings of fruit, Craig’s diet is not one recommended by the Food Standards Agency – although they will be buoyed to note that Craig also enjoys two pints of semi-skimmed milk a day and a slice of chocolate cake, for medicinal purposes.

And the diet seems to have done Craig no harm at all. He stands at 6ft 1in, weighs 11 stone and, besides his glasses, has no visible defects.

But he craves for things to change.

‘I begin to feel sick if I put anything else in my mouth,’ says Craig to the Mail. ‘It is a shame because I would love to eat things like burgers and chips.’

And the odd grain of rice…’

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