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Size Matters

by | 23rd, June 2004

‘ARE you a jackal or a boar? A primate or a bull?

A Czech condom manufacturer has been distributing penis-measuring postcards in thousands of pubs and clubs, which allows men to work out what category they fit in.

The card has a centimetre scale to measure length and four openings to measure girth, with the slogan: “Be a man, measure yourself. It’s worth it.’

The men are then ranked according to the two measurements with ‘primates’ at the bottom, ‘jackals’, and ‘boars’ in the middle and ‘bulls’ at the top.

Most men who have sent in their details to enter a prize draw have been boars, the company says.

‘We wanted to have a more entertaining promotion and so far there have been no complaints.’

Except from the women when they find out just how long 15cm really is…’

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