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Bodge It Like Beckham

by | 25th, June 2004

‘DID the earth move for you last night? It did for David Beckham – and no, since you ask, there was not a lover or wife with him at the time. It moved on its own.

Rebecca Loos gives her verdict on Beckham’s penalty

Indeed, Rebecca Loos, his former paramour, is nowhere to be seen as the Express runs its eyes over the crowd who watched the drama unfold.

Posh, aka Mrs Beckham, however, was in the football ground when the mini-earthquake shook her husband and a small patch of Lisbon grass.

The paper shows the captain of the England wives dressed in an England vest, a pair of massive oversized sunglasses and a white cap broad enough to double as a cricket sightscreen.

She sure knows how to stand out in crowd – and, at the moment of what the Mirror calls ‘DISASTER’, she and her hat would have made an ideal focal point for a fleeing crowd to gather around.

But just as quickly as she arrived, she and her hat are gone. And now all the Sun can see are the other England wives and girlfriends who spent the night before last night’s England game on a five-hour knees-up.

Only Posh was missing from the do, which was no small shame when readers learn how, after ‘downing the booze like there was no tomorrow’, a few of the girls began an impromptu karaoke session on the way back to their quarters.

We’ve counted the numbers on the bus, consulted our big book of PR and can confirm that, had she been there and had she performed, Posh could have claimed the event as her most successful solo concert.

She might even have sold some official Posh merchandise, and the girls, rather than stepping out in ‘stunning outfits’ (Mirror) of designer dresses and killer shoes, could have been snapped in some of Posh’s trademark hats.

But it wasn’t to be for her, her husband or for England…’

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