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Paper Chase

by | 25th, June 2004

‘IT’S an expensive business being a student these days – on top of all the money spent on beer, drugs and deodorant, they now have to find money for tuition fees…and exam papers.

‘And I got 100% as well!’

The Telegraph this morning picks up on a story that was in yesterday’s tabloids to the effect that this year’s A-level papers are on offer on the streets of London for £1,000.

Visitors to the capital, it must be said, might be somewhat bemused to be taken aside and offered a piece of paper asking them about the anaerobic respiration of a carbohydrate, rather than the normal beefeater’s hat and Union Jack T-shirt.

But the Telegraph says the biology paper is the sixth to be stolen during this year’s season and, because the theft was discovered so late, there was not time to amend it.

One A-level student claimed four students had clubbed together to buy the paper for Wednesday’s statistics exam and then sold on photocopies to other students.

‘When we came out, some were openly checking their stolen photocopies with the real thing,’ he told the paper.

‘I worked hard and yet these people will get better grades than me and, if a lot of people have cheated, the grade boundaries will go up and I will get a lower grade because of it.’

Alternatively, it will work as it does every year – everyone will get As, the Government will pat itself on the back and Telegraph readers will send in angry letters complaining about how the exams were much harder in their day…’

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