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Paying The Penalty

by | 28th, June 2004

‘READERS have been calling into Anorak Towers all weekend claiming to have spotted David Beckham’s penalty kick streaking across the sky.

Like Dave, the ball is now something of a star

And holiday traffic to the Iberian peninsular was briefly thrown into chaos after air traffic control reported a spherical object on one of the busiest flight paths.

But the question this morning is whether the ball – if and when it does eventually come down to earth – will find the world the same as when it left.

In other words, will Becks and Posh still be together?

The Daily Mail thinks not, claiming that “Planet Beckham and the starship that was Posh and Beck are about to come falling to earth” – closely followed by a grey adidas football.

“The pressures on this iconic public couple have become all but intolerable,” writes Geoffrey Wansell, “and sadly, I believe, will almost certainly cost them their marriage.”

Wansell does not share with us the basis for his conjecture, but it must be remembered that this is a man who gave the marriage only six months…seven months ago.

But a stopped clock is right twice a day and, if he continues to predict the couple’s demise, the chances are that one day he will be correct.

The basis of this morning’s rumour is an overheard conversation in which La Posh reportedly told her husband she was “bored with football, bored with having to be round other players, bored with matches and bored with his behaviour”.

She then insisted that she wasn’t prepared to live the rest of her life in his shadow, didn’t want fish fingers for her tea and would only go to bed when she wanted to.

But Posh’s mum Jackie Adams downplayed the row, insisting that Dave and Vicky were “the happiest couple ever”.

“There is nothing wrong with their relationship,” she tells the Mirror. “They are as happy as they have ever been.”

And Posh is really a very talented singer…’

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