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The New Becks

by | 28th, June 2004

‘AS one Becks fades into obscurity, another rises to take its place in the form of Becki, a bisexual, toe-sucking belly dancer.

We’re tyred of Michelle

The Sun welcomes the latest inmate of the Big Brother house, who wasted no time flashing her breasts at her fellow housemates and the dozen or so remaining viewers.

“Big Brother goes all upmarket,” it says sarcastically, as it plasters pictures of Becki’s fake DD chest across its pages.

The Star (which, judging by the “exclusive” tag on its front-page story, reckons it is the only person still watching the show) devotes four pages to the new arrival.

Within hours of her arrival, the paper says the bisexual florist had FLIRTED with Jason, SENT Dan green with envy, RUFFLED Michelle’s feathers, LEFT Victor fuming, Marco screaming and the rest of us reaching for our remote.

But if Michelle wants to keep Stuart away from Becki’s clutches, the Star says she might have to lay off the grub.

The would-be Geordie glamour model has piled on the pounds since she entered the house and has been nicknamed “Michelin Woman” by the show’s fan(s).

“She’s always first in line if there’s chocolate cake going and fans often see her pigging out on food from the fridge,” the paper says.

“And she is starting to squeeze into her bikini rather than slip inside it.”

Or slip out of it, as she spends most of her time doing.’

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