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by | 28th, June 2004

‘THERE are no more frightening sights in sport than a Tim Henman-supporting Centre Court crowd on “People’s Sunday” at Wimbledon.

‘Same old balls, please’

It is a sea of Union Jacks, Crosses of St George, tooth braces and HRT. It is – in short – the Daily Express made flesh.

And the Express is there to celebrate its incarnation, the cries of “Come on, Tim” and “We love you, Tim” drifting out of its pages.

Even Tiger Tim’s dad Anthony got into the spirit of things, ditching his lucky tie in favour of a rather daring open-necked shirt.

And if course the feline one did his stuff, beating Moroccan Hicham Arazi 3-1 after the obligatory scares along the way.

“Thank heavens for Tim Henman,” says the Express. “In a weekend of sporting setbacks, Henman kept our hopes high at Wimbledon yesterday. It’s all up to you now, Tim.”

Middle England is counting on you…’

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