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Tru Love

by | 28th, June 2004

‘WHEN Albert Square vixen Charlie Brooks first laid eyes on fiancé Tony Truman, she apparently announced: “That man will be the father of my children.”

More love than one woman can stomach

And she was right – Tony – who looks like a cross between EastEnders Frank Butcher and Barry Evans – will be the father of Charlie’s children…when they’re 40.

According to OK!, Tony is only 36 years old – a mere 13 years older than his now pregnant other ‘alf.

But Anorak has obtained some of Tony’s DNA, which we sent off for carbon dating, and we can reveal that he is in fact an amazing 974 years old.

Not that Charlie’s worried about the age gap – she “quite likes having an older boyfriend”, and Tony claims he doesn’t even notice it.

In fact, Charlie says one of the things that initially attracted her to Tony (or Tru, as his friends call him) was that “he reminded me of my dad”. Just a slightly older version.

As for Tone, he’s “chuffed” that he’s about to become a dad – “I think I’m at the right age now,” he says, as befits a graduate of the Methuselah school of parenting.

And Charlie doesn’t want to wait until December for the baby to be born.

“She doesn’t want to be fat in the summer,” says Tony, failing to explain why this summer should be any different from any other year.’

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