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McQueen’s Own Infantry

by | 29th, June 2004

‘PITY the American soldier who doesn’t look good in green.

Enough to disarm any terrorist

But help for him is on the way, and it’s arriving in the portly form of London-born fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

The Telegraph’s military fashion expert was in Milan yesterday to see a clutch of hand-pickled cadets from America’s legendary West Point academy, New York, try out some alternative uniforms.

The first-time models, chosen for their Asian looks, can be seen in a variety of battle garb passing down a runway through clouds of incense to the theme tune from the M.A.S.H. TV show.

From dispatches, Bilko wears a bright pink parachute with a matching pink gas mask – the last word in chemical warfare chic.

Hogan has had his head and torso painted in woad-like blue, his shoulders wrapped in an embroidered shirt, cropped to leave said torso exposed, and his lower half ensconced in a pair of brown trousers held aloft by a mirrored belt.

Hawkeye sports a hooded, sleeveless T-shirt, aviator goggles, heavy eye kohl and a faraway look (model’s own).

It’s all very significant. After all, McQueen says it is.

“It is a political statement,” says he – which hopefully will not lead to the likes of John Prescott making similarly bold statements in hotpants and boob tube.’

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