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Drink To Success

by | 29th, June 2004

‘GIVEN the redness of the can and the desire for post-totalitarian Russia to move on from its past, Coca Cola never stood a chance.

The 99% proof is in the mixing

It was always going to be Pepsi blue. And now what we suspected has been confirmed.

The Times reports that the Kremlin is to bestow its new official mark of approval on the soft drink.

Like a Royal Warrant, the new Guild Of Purveyors To The Kremlin stamp will let Russians know that the drink many of them can’t afford, or even get, is freely available in their seat of government.

And there will be more. As Ivan and Olga fill up the family paper bag with petrol, which they will torch to facilitate the cooking of the weekly potato, the Kremlin looks through its larder.

And it sees around 30 items which President Putin likes and, what’s more, is prepared to say he likes.

The full list is not known to the Times, but given that one aim of this branding exercise is to promote Russian goods, the notion that the menu contains 29 types of vodka remains high.

Or the perfect Pepsi mixer, as it is known in the Kremlin.’

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