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by | 29th, June 2004

‘HAS political correctness gone crazy in Britain? No, it’s not a rhetorical question – we really want to know your answer.

Foreigners get all the best houses

Well, to be more accurate the Express wants to know what you think and it has set up a special phone poll to find out.

To vote ‘yes’, call 0901 8902300 or text DXVOTE A to 61616; to vote ‘no’, well, that’s not information you’re really going to need now, is it?

We will publish the results of the poll later in the week, confident of a result even more overwhelming than the Sun’s regular ‘Do you want to be part of a Euro superstate?’ vote.

The occasion for the Express’ poll is a story of a three-year-old boy who was apparently denied a place in his local primary school because he’s English and his house has a garden.

That at least is the Star’s interpretation of the criteria St Werburgh’s Park Nursery School, near Bristol, used in refusing to take Christopher Townsend.

“The new admissions policy fast-tracks kids from disadvantaged backgrounds,” the paper says.

“Children of asylum-seekers, travellers and refugees, plus disabled children, are all given priority.”

Can this be right? The Star wants to know, urging its readers to call 0901 8902901 (or text DSVOTE B to 61616) to vote ‘no’ and, well, you know you don’t need to know the rest.

Having done your duty by voting (early and often) in both the phone polls, we urge you to strike a further blow against political correctness on the Daily Mail message board.

And don’t go leaving it to the next man (or woman, as the PC brigade would have us say) – yesterday’s poll in the Star shows that none of us can afford to rest on our laurels.

Asked whether the Government should give empty asylum seeker houses to young couples, only 76% of readers voted ‘yes’.

Even given the 10% margin of error caused by Star readers’ inability to follow the simplest instructions, that is a worrying sign.

We can only hope that the rogue 24% baulked at the word “empty”…’

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