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Burrell’s Rock

by | 29th, June 2004

‘PAUL Burrell was Princess Diana’s rock. Princess Diana was the People’s Princess. Ergo, Paul Burrell is also our rock.

‘I’m thinking of having it pinned to my scrotum’

So, Anorak won’t have a word said against the man whose only wish after the death of his beloved mistress was to live a quiet life as a florist.

It was hardly his fault that he was forced to write a book containing all the Princess’s secrets (or all the ones he hasn’t held back for the inevitable sequel).

The very title of the tome, A Royal Duty, is evidence of a man who was only doing what the Princess herself – that paragon of Royal duty – would have done in similar circumstances.

And if he happened to amass a £4.5m fortune as a result of all the people with a keen interest in Royal history who bought said book, then who are we to cavil?

Indeed, when we see the 46-year-old with a new £40,000 diamond stud in his left ear on the front page of this morning’s Express, it is as if Diana were born again.

And if the former butler wants to dress up in the privacy of his own home in some of the Princess’s dresses that he had for safekeeping, what greater tribute could he pay to the erstwhile Queen of Hearts?

It doesn’t make him gay. No, he’s as straight as the day is long…in northern Norway…in December.’

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