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We’re All Loosers

by | 30th, June 2004

‘WHAT once would have been construed as an act of sacrilege, now barely raises a trimmed eyebrow.

So long as he doesn’t kick it, we should be okay

The Times brings to the world the news that a portrait of David Beckham being displayed at an exhibition of footballers at the Royal Academy has been vandalised.

Over the black-and-white shot of Dave, some mindless oik has written the words in red ink: “You Loosers [sic].”

The 5ft-wide picture, taken by Mark Hom and once valued at £7,500, is now being described by its creator as a “write-off”.

David Grob, the show’s curator, is not happy. “I’m extremely upset,” says he, as are all England fans who saw that penalty.

“We expected to get football fans looking around and we’ve ended up with football hooligans. We were all very annoyed when England went out of the tournament but this is just too much.”

Thankfully, what with the wonders of technology, another identical picture can be made, minus the critic’s comments.

But while we wait for Beckham II, the Times notices that the old snap has been removed from public view to a place unspecified.

Perhaps it has been destroyed. Perhaps it will be retained for posterity as a reminder of how our love affair with Beckham ended in bitterness.

Or perhaps it will be hung from a lamppost in east London…Wigan, Manchester, Madrid, St Albans…’

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