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Kour-nographer In Chief

by | 30th, June 2004

‘ANNA Kournikova is gone, her appearances on a tennis court even more fleeting these days than when she was a full-time professional.

No visible panty line, service line nor tramline

However, if it took even tennis aficionados the best part of a year to realise that the Russian had retired from the game, the papers felt her absence immediately.

And none more so than the Mail, which looks to tennis as the perfect excuse to publish pictures of scantily clad women.

“Short And Sweet” may have described Kournikova’s participation in any tournament she graced, but today it introduces the paper’s three Page 3 stunnas – “in skimpy skirts and the hottest of hotpants, the Wimbledon babes who match Kournikova”.

From left to right, they are Maria Sharapova, 17 years old and in “a dress with spaghetti straps, split to the hip to reveal tiny white shorts”; 16-year-old Tatiana Golovin, whose “hipster hotpants sat dangerously low”; and Karolina Sprem, whose 19-year-old body was thrown around the court yesterday “in a crop top and tiny tight skirt, slit at one side”.

Of course, tennis fans will have already realised that none of these girls can ever be the new Kournikova – their participation in the second week of a tournament would seriously interfere with their modelling engagements.

But they do at least provide the Mail readers with an opportunity to ogle at some teenaged flesh in the morning while they mutter into their marmalade about the decline of the nation’s morals, the amount of pornography on TV and the number of paedophiles teaching at the local school.

And for that we have Mail editor Paul Dacre to thank…’

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