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Nancy’s Boy

by | 30th, June 2004

‘NANCY Dell’Ollio. She’s Italian, you can chant her name to the tune from Verdi’s Rigoletto and she’s in conversation with Hello! magazine.

Spot the ball

But, as is the way with lawyers, Nancy likes to ask the questions, and the first one she wants answered is: “Why is everyone so obsessed with whether Sven and I are getting married?”

Good question. And to answer it we must look to our inner selves and wonder what is about Sven Goran Eriksson and his Nancy that makes us lose so much sleep fretting over whether they will or will not get hitched.

Well, we’ve looked within. And we can find absolutely no reason at all why we are so enthralled by a monosyllabic Swedish sports coach and his Italian lawyer girlfriend.

And with no rationale for our obsession, we’ve decided to bow to logic and move on.

But before we go on to obsess over something else, whether it be Kerry McFadden’s lampshades or Anthea Turner’s tan, we might as well stick with Nancy – well, she did turn up for the photoshoot.

So, Nancy, are you and, er, Sven happy? Sorry, better rephrase the question, what with your English being a little rusty. “Are you and Sven ’appy?”

“We’ve been committed to each other since the beginning six years ago and that’s why we’re a couple living together,” says she. “Sometimes I think it’s more fantastic not to get married because you create passion and intrigue.”

Passion. Intrigue. And Ulrika Jonsson, who added to the magic by tossing her name into Nancy and Sven’s fantastic love affair.

“Nobody can come between us,” says Nancy. “It has never happened – only in someone else’s mind”.

And not in someone’s bedroom, where Sven’s Cuban heels were left outside the door as a kind of quirky “Do Not Disturb Sign” to one of his many obsessed fans and loving girlfriend.’

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