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Dear Camilla

by | 1st, July 2004

‘WE are aware how very much in love Prince Charles is with Camilla Parker Bowles, but does he really write her 2,000 love letters each year?

‘Is that your battered white Fiat Uno?’

Such a production rate would tax the wrist of any lover and take up valuable time that could be spent canoodling on polo fields and studying the Prince’s etchings.

So, perhaps not all of the Prince’s letters go to Camilla. Perhaps some go elsewhere.

This is not to say Charles is conducting an illicit affair behind his lover’s back – he is, after all, our Prince, defender of our faith and all that, and to even suggest he is an adulterer would be an outrage.

But the 48-page document published yesterday detailing the Prince’s work in the community only says he writes 2,000 letters himself and not to whom he writes them.

And don’t think for a second that his office writes these missives for him. Although the secretaries do pen a further 10,000 letters – many in reply to the 33,000 he received last year – he still writes 2,000 himself.

But who gets them? And why does one person get a letter written directly by the Prince while another gets one penned by one of his 18 private secretaries and talented begonias?

It might be best to address this point in a letter to the man himself.

However, what reply you’ll get is down to chance – and whether or not you include your phone number and a naked photo inside…’

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