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Dolled Up

by | 1st, July 2004

‘PRINCESS Diana lives on in all our hearts. She was, after all, the Queen of such organs.

Now with realistic retching sounds!

But sometimes we forget. It’s not our fault, it’s just what with the pressures of modern life, we lose track of the things that really matter, like dresses, playboys and holidays.

What we need are aides-memoir, things that will serve as constant reminders of Our Lady Of The Immaculate Appearance.

And Hans Buchinger, a restaurant-owner from Wels in Austria, is said by the Times to have come up with just the thing: Dodi and Diana dolls.

This way, the inventor says, we can celebrate the “happiness and love” of the couple’s relationship.

“Just like Barbie and Ken, I want to bring Dodi and Diana into every children’s room in every house in the world,” says the man.

“As well as dolls, I want to create accessories like a fantasy horse and carriage and other things. There are no boundaries.”

Indeed there are not, and we can’t wait to take delivery of a Dodi and Diana Scalextric set, and race our white Fiat Uno against Dodi and Diana’s black Mercedes.

But do not expect to get such items in every store, just the good ones.

You won’t get the Dodi and Diana range in Harrod’s, for instance. Owner, and Dodi’s dad, Mohammed Fayed, is appalled.

“This is just another disgusting attempt to cash in on the tragedy,” says he.

Indeed, the Times reports that the custodians of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund may block the dolls’ production.

They have already scuppered some other ideas, such as the Diana lavatory seat covers (to cushion the head?), colonic irrigation kits and bumper stickers reading “Bye bye, Di.”

However, the Anorak Diana Pregnancy testing kit is available in our latest catalogue…’

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