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Danny’s Boy…Or Girl

by | 2nd, July 2004

‘SUNITA’S one-night stand with underwear boss Danny looks set to have repercussions for a lot longer than a night.

Sunita says it with flowers: ‘Push off, you little weed’

Danny’s wife Frankie has been suspicious of Sunita from her first day on the Street when she found Sunita outside Danny’s front door with two pizzas. Now Frankie’s been told Sunita’s pregnant.

“Pizza I can just about stomach, but a bun in the oven’s a different matter,” snarled Frankie to her terrified husband. Sunita had confided in best friend Shelly that she “was late”. “It’s not just pizzas I deliver,” she sobbed to Shelly. “It’s unwanted babies.”

Unfortunately for Sunita, fog-horn Liz McDonald happened to overhear and rushed back to the bar to gossip (one of the many things Liz likes to spread). Frankie happened to be in the bar and went home to confront her errant husband.

“I swear I never touched her,” pleaded Danny, showing that truth-telling (but not height obviously) runs in the Baldwin DNA. Shelly persuaded Sunita to do a pregnancy test and, surprisingly for a soap, we weren’t kept waiting episodes on end to find out the result.

“I’m not pregnant,” Sunita told Shelly – information she’s decided to keep from would-have-been father Danny. He burst into the shop demanding that Sunita have a termination. “Don’t you worry ‘bout the money, love. Just keep it quiet from the missus.”

Sunita’s decided to make Danny pay – and in ways that are more expensive than money.

Another wronged woman on the warpath is Sarah Lou – she’s just discovered that Katy, Martin, Gail and 17 million viewers knew about Todd and Karl before she did.

“I’ll never forgive yer!” Sarah Lou screamed at Katy – whose hair seems to be styled by House of KFC these days: all feathery bits covered in grease.

Katy was surprised at how badly Sarah Lou took the news. “I was only protectin’ her,” she whined at Martin, who finally seems to have woken up to the fact that he was dating a schoolgirl.

Other Street mad women this week include: Sally, who’s determined to turn Kevin into the new Richard Branson, Maya – who just needs a slap, and Cilla.

Cilla, isn’t a lady who understands the word “no” – indeed she’s probably never uttered the word in her life. She airily returned to Weatherfield expecting to pick up with Les as if nothing had happened.

Upon discovering that Les had been reunited with Janice in her absence, Cilla decided simply to stay put in the house. “I’m not going anywhere,” she said as Les and Janice had to forcibly remove her from the house by lifting her out into the street in a chair. “I’ve got me Chesney to think of.”

Cilla’s not done yet, however – next week she and Les get caught in the sort of position Hugh Grant knows only too well. And we’re not talking about starring in third rate Brit-flicks.’

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