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Seal Cull

by | 2nd, July 2004

‘LIKE a Canadian with a big club, the British public took their chance to silence Marco’s seal shrieks once and for all as they voted to evict the irritating law student.

The end for Marco?

That means Nadia and Michelle will live to fight another day.

A more irritating bunch of losers it’s hard to imagine, but the biggest dick among them must be the truly loathsome Jason.

Here’s him on the subject of big-titted bisexual Becki – “If she made a move on me, I’d shun her, but to be safe I’d do it politely.”

If she made a move on the balding Scot, she’s need her head examined. And there’s not much chance of that now after he managed to reduce her to tears after complaining about the noise she made blowing her nose.

If there was something up her nose, it was probably a revolting oil slick of a bodybuilder…’

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