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Breaking Up…And Out

by | 2nd, July 2004

‘“I CAN’T take any more,” sobbed Britney – and she wasn’t talking about the half-empty packet of Krispy Kremes in front of her.

Didn’t you used to be Britney Spears?

No, according to the Enquirer, the 22-year-old pop princess is cracking up as her attempt to fit more weddings into a year than Elizabeth Taylor has managed in a lifetime takes its toll.

“Britney’s full of contradictions and finding it extremely difficult to handle fame,” an insider explains.

“She’s basically insecure, given to wild living to hide her uncertainties. She’s frightened her golden career is already failing.

“She also worries constantly about getting fat and losing her looks.”

We can’t answer for Britney’s career, but if it’s any comfort we can reassure that there is no danger of her losing her looks.

Judging by recent pictures of her spot-infested face, she lost those some time ago…’

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