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Daylight Robery

by | 5th, July 2004

‘SINCE we never actually heard the Beckhams exchange vows, how can we be sure that he has cheated on her, as Rebecca Loos claims?

‘No, I’m David Beckham’

We saw the single dove released at the moment Vicky and Dave were pronounced man and wife in 1999. We looked on in wonder at the thrones.

We even tucked into the buffet Twiglets, each knobbly biscuit hand carved by Indian tribesmen to be an exact to-scale representation of the bride.

But we never heard the vows. And for all we know they might not have included a clause promising that Day-vid would remain true to his wife – if she is his wife.

This time, however, no mistakes will be made, because Dave and Posh are in Morocco to renew their vows.

Renew or rewrite matters less than the fact that they are in Marrakech to give it one last shot at love.

But – wouldn’t you just know it – their romantic idyll has been invaded by the press.

We are almost reduced to tears as a friend of the couple tells the Mirror that the pair may even leave their hideaway for a more secure compound where they will not be so cruelly hounded.

They managed, the Star says, to keep their ‘several blazing rows’ away from the snappers and scribes, but such is their bad luck that, as soon as they try to patch things up with kisses, piggybacks and romance, the press gets wind of it.

So desperate are they to be ignored that, while Posh stepped from the discreet blacked-out limo in her usual attire, her husband sported a jellaba.

The long white garment, which covered everything but his eyes – which he only had for Posh, of course – meant he was completely incognito as he walked round the shops, blending in seamlessly with the Moroccan men dressed in traditional jeans and T-shirts.’

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