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Chinese Take-Away

by | 5th, July 2004

‘THIS year David Furnish and his partner Elton John decided on an Imperial Chinese theme for their annual ball.

‘Next year we’ll all have an Indian, Liz’

We who have been to the Imperial Chinese can vouch for the lovely No.53 with clam sauce, fantastic crispy duck for two and a rice stickier than Bill Wyman’s sticky fingers.

But surely as delicious as Mr Woo’s delicacies are, Elton John with his millions can do better than a take-away.

But no, Elton is nothing if not the Watford boy at heart and so the Imperial Chinese it was.

And that leads us to the next big surprise. Anyone who has ever sucked the juice from Mr Woo’s ribs knows that his food is as hard to forget as it is to remove from your clothes.

But still Elton and David suggested guests arrived at their ball in White Tie & Tiara.

Elton, who doesn’t look like the neatest eater on the block, rocked up in a white bowtie, white shirt, white waistcoat and white cuffs.

Rod Stewart, ever the risk-taker, is seen posing alongside Elton in a white jacket, white tie, white shirt and whiter than white teeth.

But call it age catching up with him or whatever, but Rod was taking few chances and can be seen sporting a martini glass-shaped finger bowl in one hands and wrapping his right arm around girlfriend Penny Lancaster’s waist – so putting her napkin of a dress to good use.

Natalie Imbruglia wore black – which was sensible dress for gorging on the No.25 with black bean sauce.

And Kylie Minogue wore a dress with every colour on it, so complimenting the exquisite carved radishes and sculptured carrots that accompany each of Mr Woo’s dishes.’

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