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by | 5th, July 2004

‘BEFORE David Beckham was blonde, Ian Walker was greasing his sun-kissed locks behind his ears and playing in goal for Tottenham Hotspur.

‘That’s enough about ME. What do you think about ME?’

And before Victoria Beckham showed us round her wonderful life, Ian’s spouse Suzi was telling us all about her china leopard statuette and how she’d never used the coffee machine in her immaculate kitchen.

Channel 4’s Cutting Edge documentary programme entitled Footballer’s Wives was a huge success and had at its heart Suzi, her blonde highlights, her coffee machine and interiors that said a hundred shades of beige.

Now she’s back in the limelight to tell us and OK! what it’s like being Suzi in 2004, and to play the role of dummy in OK!’s ‘exclusive’ photo shoot.

Yes, folks, the tabloids can wave their chequebooks at Suzi, but she knows that, when it comes to telling her amazing story the way she wants it told, only one publication will do – and until Readers Wives takes the bait, OK! will have to suffice.

But Suzi’s days as a glamour mo-del are well and truly behind her (or at least drooping round her waist).

The inspiration for Footballs Wives’ Chardonnay has never had her plastic chest catch fire.

But she has suffered. For a long while she had ME, the so-called yuppie flu, (as opposed to ME!, the celebrity disease).

‘At one stage,’ says Suzi, ‘I was virtually at death’s door. I was so weak I couldn’t life my arms up.’

But things changed. Suzi got better. And given a second chance, Suzi vowed to make the most of her life.

So she now lives in Surrey, has her nails done every week, goes to the gym for arm-strengthening exercises and has ‘weekly blow-dries’.

She’s grabbing life by the horns is Suzi, and one day, who knows, she may even find out how her famous coffee machine works…’

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