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Frankie Goes To Hollywood

by | 6th, July 2004

‘TO think how different it all could have been.

We’ll keep the blue flag flying high!

Had Wayne Rooney quit football to hang out with his mates – something the Sun’s front-page proper says the footballer once seriously considered doing – England might not have won Euro 2004.

What’s that, you say? England didn’t win? Surely you’re wrong, because anyone looking at the Sun would be forgiven for believing that Rooney came be back from Portugal a champion.

Indeed, after front and back pages dedicated to Rooney (on the back, new Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says he’s not interested in signing the lad), it’s only as an afterthought the paper mentions the all-conquering Greeks.

It also gives its readers the chance to call in and select from a list which manager they’d like to lead England’s 2006 World Cup campaign.

Yes, this is the paper that once heralded Sven Goran Eriksson as England’s saviour after he salvaged the team from the pits of Kevin Keegan’s tenure as coach.

But at least the aforesaid Mourinho knows the score and what to expect from an unforgiving, parochial press with a short attention span.

“I am not afraid to say that I want to win things,” says the brash Chelsea boss in the Mirror. “If at the end of the season we have won nothing and you [the press] say it’s a failure, I accept that.”

Nice that he accepts that but, even if he doesn’t, that will be the way things go.

Anything less than the Premier League crown or Champions’ League title and some elements of the press will be calling for the Portuguese coach’s head.

Just as the German football federation is beseeching Arsene Wenger to be its new fuhrer.

The Mail says that the Germans are set to employ the charm of Franz Beckenbauer and a vast wad of cash to lure Wenger away from Arsenal to their camp.

In truth, it’s hard to see Wenger taking the bait, what with German football in such a state of disarray. But he might go to Germany.

As Patrick Kluivert might go to Newcastle. And Leeds United’s Ian Harte might go to Valencia. And Didier Drogba might go to Chelsea. And Paul Gascoigne might go to a coaching job at Boston (all Express).

The silly season is now upon us, and the rumours are flying. So Rooney might go to Manchester United, as the Sun says.

And Frankie might go to Hollywood. Spurs might bring back the glory days. England might go on to win the World Cup. And we might all be Greek…’

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