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Cutting Your Cloth

by | 7th, July 2004

‘WHEN Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen can make it as a TV star on the BBC, you know your licence fee is being well spent.

‘Redecorate, redecorate!’

But Lawrence is at risk. According to the Mail, the BBC is pledging to cut £100m from its spending as part of its bid to look less wasteful and so retain the licence fee.

While we kickstart our campaign to save Lawrence with a sponsored fun run (to be screened live on the BBC and fronted by the excellent Sue Barker), other BBC stalwarts edge closer to extinction.

The Sun says that the new BBC series of Dr Who will have no Daleks.

And fans of the show are up in arms. Lib Dem MP Bob Russell says: ‘I applaud any attempt to get the Daleks back. A Dr Who series without them would not be the same.’

And George Bush, President of the free world and large tracts of sand, agrees – well, his staff do.

A spokesman for Bush tells the Sun: ‘The universe would be a safer, but sadder, place without the Daleks. I’m sure many Americans would be sad to see them exterminated.’

Including Bush, who may see glimpses of something recognisable in those monotone, heavily-armoured harbingers of doom.

But we can’t save everything, not in one go. So you can help us to decide who will live long on the BBC and who will die.

You can save the Daleks. Or you can save Lawrence. Or you can get the Daleks to shoot Lawrence…’

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