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Eternity And Beyond

by | 12th, July 2004

‘LET’S face it, it’s hard enough for two human beings to stay together for life – Britney Spears can’t even manage it for the lifespan of a particularly sickly mayfly.

‘Ooops! I did it again’

But these days, it appears that even life is not enough – couples now have to pledge themselves to each other for eternity.

Time was when girls would be more than happy as long as the groom had all his limbs, a nice car and a bit of cash, as well of course as a good-looking best mate.

As for blokes, they were even more easily pleased – a full head of hair and the ability to give a decent blow job was qualification enough for any prospective bride.

But all that’s changed – in 2004 you can’t even walk down the aisle unless it’s to marry your “soulmate”.

What that means we have no idea, but we assume we’re talking here about a relationship that even death itself cannot part, a union for eternity.

Certainly, that’s what Nick Bailey, EastEnders’ Dr Anthony Trueman is gearing up for after marrying his soulmate Lisa Fratta.

“That is to death and beyond,” he tells OK!, sounding like a white tuxedo-clad Bud Lightyear.

“The love at the centre of the relationship keeps it going. The marriage is just the icing on a very solid cake.”

And breaking their teeth on Nick and Lisa’s very solid wedding cake at Sudeley Castle were a galaxy of stars, including such luminaries as Les Dennis and Paul Ross.

Paul married his soulmate Jackie only a month ago and the day brought back happy memories for one of Britain’s most talented TV and radio performers’ brother.

“Jackie and I both started blubbing during the ceremony,” he told OK!

But Les was there on his own – his marriage to soulmate Amanda Holden of course broke up after she temporarily found a new soulmate in Neil Morrissey.

Nevertheless, he had kind words to say about the bride and groom – “This is really perfect,” he said, “and Nick and Lisa are a fantastic couple.”

And they will no doubt carry on being a fantastic couple to eternity and beyond…’

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