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by | 13th, July 2004

‘EASTENDERS actress Jessie Wallace fears for her baby – and not just because it may inherit its mother’s looks.

SAGGY old Kat seeks her Bagpuss for magical times

No, Jessie is terrified that the pain and upset she’s feeling following her split with fiance Dave Morgan will be transmitted to her unborn child.

In fact, she’s so upset that she spoke exclusively to both the Mirror and its bitter rival, the Sun, about the break-up.

And both agree that the cause of the split was a story in a Sunday paper, in which Dave’s friend Winston Rollock accused Jessie of drinking in the morning, slagging off her co-stars, smoking dope and asking him for sex.

The actress, who plays Kat Moon in the BBC soap, vehemently denies the accusations and is said to be considering suing the paper in question for libel.

“My mum and my family had to read his lies, that I was offering my body to him,” she tells the Sun (and the Mirror). “It’s vile.

“He claimed I was drinking at nine in the morning. He was never there that early.”

If he had been, he would have known that Jessie doesn’t touch a drop before 10 past.

As Jessie comforts herself in time-honoured fashion – by forcing industrial quantities of chocolate down her throat – we have better news for her.

She is not alone. Well, she is – but she’s not alone in her aloneness.

In fact, she is now one of what the Mail calls the LOST generation – living in London, on their Own, Single and Twentysomething.

According to a survey, women in their twenties outnumber men of the same age in many cities, with the ratio in some boroughs of the capital five women to every four men.

“It means,” says the paper, “that many young women are staying unattached – reflected in the number of young female celebrities, including Caprice and singer Rachel Stevens, enjoying a single life.”

A list that now, of course, includes Jessie Wallace. What? She’s 32, you say. Part of the SAGGY (fleShy Actresses with no hope of GettinG another boYfriend) generation…’

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