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Last Go In Paris

by | 13th, July 2004

‘TALKING about wood, we’re glad to say that Anorak’s favourite hotel heiress Paris Hilton is going from strength to strength.

Once more with feeling

Time was when Paris was seen as just a ditzy blonde whose abilities didn’t stretch as far as Calista Flockhart’s knicker elastic.

But that was before the 23-year-old showed the world the full extent of her abilities in front of the camera, co-starring with Rick Salomon in the hit film One Night In Paris.

And now the Sun reports Paris’s stock is so high in the movie world that not only can she command a sizable fee for her on-screen appearances but she can demand a percentage of gross as well.

The paper says the woman who gives short planks a bad name is set to reap a fortune after her debut film was released on video.

She will receive a lump sum of £215,000 PLUS a share of profits from the 45-minute, er, arthouse film.

Makes the whole thing easier to swallow, doesn’t it?’

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