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Naked Ambition

by | 13th, July 2004

‘SO, Big Brother has now had the housemates in school uniform and then in army gear. Next week, we imagine it will be Doctors & Nurses, followed by some PVC and then rounded off my some S&M role playing.

The role demands nudity

Dismal viewing the show may be for most of us, but somewhere in Elstree the show’s producers are living out their fantasies through the contestants. Is it just us or does anyone else find all this slightly disturbing?

Any pretence that the programme is anything other than a giant peep show has long since evaporated, even if none of the contestants have got balls to do what the producers want and actually shag on camera.

In recent days, we’ve had both Shell and Michelle streaking across the garden, Becki and Nadia licking jam off Michelle’s breasts, Dan and Stu doing similar to Nadia, the girls spanking each other and, of course, more teenaged snogging from Michelle and Stuart.

With six housemates up for eviction this week, is there any chance we can vote all six out?’

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