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Getting Away From Them All

by | 14th, July 2004

‘WE’VE all been sitting in that remote island bar, sipping the local brew and getting away from it all, when someone walks in and says: “Fancy seeing you here!”

When in Rome…Benidorm, Ibiza, Faliraki…

Yeah, fancy. Who would have thought that, having schlepped for five hours across dense jungle, you’d be confronted by the grinning sunburnt face of old whatshisname from remedial English with Mr Bunce?

It’s not without reason that a study of holidaymakers by market research group Mintel, now reported in the Telegraph, finds that the one thing all Britons despise above all others is sharing their resort with their countrymen.

Amanda Lintott, who worked on this cutting-edge report, says that the poor reputation of British people abroad means many of us do not want to hang out with our kin.

“Also,” says she, “if you go on holiday and see British people, you don’t feel like you have left Britain.”

The facts are that 32% of Britons polled said they were “put off” resorts if it is popular with other Brits, against 13% who complained about other nationalities.

Miss Lintott also makes the notable claim that British tourists prefer to be surrounded by “well-heeled and sophisticated” French, Russian and German holidaymakers.

Being in their company makes us Brits feel “a bit special”.

But while spotting a holidaying German is easy (he’s on your sunbed), how can you tell what nationality your fellow holidaymakers are just by sight?

After all, it’s not like they all wear a badge – or a football shirt like us Brits…’

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