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Crash Test Dummies

by | 15th, July 2004

‘AS its name implies, the National Enquirer has something of an inquiring mind.

New pictures suggest JFK Jnr may have survived the crash

Even a 1,000-page report by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) couldn’t convince it that pilot error was to blame for the plane crash that killed JFK Jnr, his wife and her sister.

It has undertaken an “exhaustive investigation” of its own into the tragedy that took place five years ago today (July 16) and uncovered shocking new evidence.

It says that a mobile phone call made by Carolyn Bessette (Mrs JFK Jnr) four and a half minutes before the crash was the true cause of the disaster.

And for proof, it has spoken to not one, but two, people who are experts in the field.

One, a veteran pilot who is not named, says that “to use a cell phone on an approach like that could cause a disaster”.

The other, Ric Peri, vice-president of – take a deep breath – Government & Industry Affairs for Aircraft Electronics Association, agrees that mobile phones can confuse the autopilot system.

There you have it – the NTSB spends thousands of dollars and uses up 1,000 pages of A4 on a mystery that the Enquirer solves with two phone calls and a single page of this week’s magazine.

At a time when President Bush is undertaking a fundamental overhaul of America’s intelligence agencies, perhaps we might see the Enquirer’s investigative team given the central role they so clearly deserve.’

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