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Aisle, Be Damned

by | 15th, July 2004

‘FROM the truth about Jordan’s pregnancy in OK! – she isn’t – we turn to Christina Aguilera’s “pregnancy shocker” in the National Enquirer – neither is she.

Christina wondered why Madonna tasted of cheap booze

Anorak really is carving a little niche for itself as the magazine that brings you news of who’s not up the duff – FIRST! Well, actually second…but, hey, who’s counting?

Who’s counting? The Enquirer, that’s who – it’s counting down the days until Britney gets married (apparently as early as next month) and wondering if Christina will beat her down the aisle.

In fact, we foresee an ugly scramble as the pair – rivals since they appeared together on the Mickey Mouse Club – fight to get to the altar first.

“Don’t think for a second that Christina wouldn’t move her plans ahead in a hurry if she knew it would make Britney look like she was a day late and a dollar short,” says a source.

“These are performers who thrive on getting one over on the other.”

That’s all very well, but we rather think that it’s Christina and her boyfriend Jordan Bratman who are a day late and a dollar short.

Britney has caught Christina napping by sneaking in one marriage already this year.

And so desperate is she to get a 2-0 head-start on her rival that she is apparently willing to tie the knot with Kevin Federline without signing a pre-nup.

Big mistake, says litigation attorney David Scharf.

“Depending on the state in which they get married,” he says, “she could be at risk to lose as much as half of her assets.”

As for that, our money is again on a drunken state…’

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