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by | 15th, July 2004

‘EVEN before the Beagle 2 probe whimpered its last from Mars, Britain’s space exploration programme was in trouble.

Blast off!

Then to the rescue came David Beckham, who stepped up to the penalty spot and sent a ball into orbit as only he can.

But all good things must come to an end, and the Independent learns that Beagle 3, aka the “ball of shame”, has re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere and is now in the possession of one Pablo Carral, a 25-year-old Spaniard.

While others had long gone home, Pablo waited in row Q at the stadium in Lisbon.

He knew from his physics lessons that what goes up must come down and that the ball-shaped satellite would return from whence it blasted off.

And his patience paid off – massively. Pablo has just stuck the ball on an internet auction site with a price tag of…10 million euros.

And, such is its unique scientific value that the ball has already attracted a bid equal to its guide price – and the bids are still rolling in.

Of course, bidding is one thing, paying over the cash is something else entirely.

And while we understand that ebay, the website auctioning the ball, will only allow bids to be withdrawn in special circumstances, not having the cash must feature pretty high.

Buy Pablo is happy with his lot, and a little amazed by events.

“The incredible thing,” says Pablo, “was that the ball reached us: we were so far from the goal.”

But no further than Mars…’

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