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A Bunch Of Racists

by | 15th, July 2004

‘OKAY, here’s a surprise – it appears that many of the members of the neo-Fascist British National Party are racists. And others are thugs. And still more are yobs.

‘Backward and evil’

And there were we thinking that the party was just a vehicle for respectable politicians to have a debate about our national identity.

Don’t we feel silly this morning when we read the front page of the Sun and discover that BNP stands for Bloody Nasty People!

Apparently, undercover reporter Jason Gwynne infiltrated the higher echelons of the party and spent six months secretly filming his experiences.

And tonight in a “shock” TV documentary we will see BNP leader Nick Griffin calling Islam “a vicious, wicked faith” and Steve Barkham boasting about how he kicked an Asian man in the head.

We will get to meet BNP councillor Stewart Williams, who tells of his dream to attack Bradford mosques. “All I want to do is shoot Pakis,” he says (or P*kis, if you read it the Sun).

And we will hear from council candidate Dave Midgley, whose idea of canvassing is to squirt dog dirt through the letterbox of an Asian takeaway.

The Star has also watched preview tapes of the same documentary, which is why it has the “exclusive” story detailing how “loathsome” BNP activists will be “exposed” tonight as “race-hate monsters”.

The film, it says, gives a lie to the BNP’s claims that they have become a moderate party worthy of being part of mainstream politics.

We are genuinely shocked. Next we’ll find out that we have elected a man to the European Parliament who believes that all Arabs are “suicide bombers, limb amputators and women repressors” and that Muslims are “backward and evil”.

What? We have? Former Express columnist and enemy of white pillowcases everywhere Robert Kilroy Silk…’

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