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Loos Yourself

by | 15th, July 2004

‘WHY can’t “family wrecker” Rebecca Loos just crawl back under the rock from which she emerged?

Taxi for Miss Loos

We’re so sick of the girl who bedded Becks that we are going to devote the whole of this story to her. What is more, we’re going to publish a picture of her. And her nipple.

There! If there’s anything that’s going to persuade “the randy tart” (Star) to hide her light under a very big bushel, then that is it.

But it seems that other papers have the same idea – the Star even puts the pictures of the woman it calls Loose Knickers on its front page.

Its coven of gossip witches – a low-rent 3am girls – bumped into “the 26-year-old slapper” at the Robert De Keyser party at London’s Pangaea nightclub.

“The randy tart even tried to touch our knees before begging us to pose with her for the bored paparazzi,” they report.

“As we’re used to having our pictures taken with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Will Smith and Ben Affleck, we politely declined.”

That’ll teach the attention-seeking little hussy, especially as the Mirror’s coven – the actual 3am girls – were there to drive home the same message.

“Can somebody please stop Rebecca Loos from inflicting herself on the public?” they plead, underneath the obligatory photos of our Becky.

Take that as a first warning, Loos. We’ll keep publishing pictures of you until you do the decent thing and disappear…’

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