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A Woman For All Seasons

by | 15th, July 2004

‘RATHER like air that we breathe, Michelle Marsh belongs to us all.

The non-thinking man’s Lucy Pinder

She is a gift to humanity at large – and we can no more claim ownership of her than we can of the view from Waterloo Bridge, say, or the smell of wild flowers in the springtime.

That hasn’t stopped people from trying, however, and this morning the Sun and Star lock horns over the topless stunna.

The Sun devotes its Page 3 to pictures of the “Page 3 beauty” showing off “her giant inflatables…as she larks in the Med on a blow-up dolphin”.

“The 32FF model had a whale of a time,” it reports, “as she romped in the water, joined by pals including Emma David, 19, girlfriend of Blue hunk Lee Ryan.”

But the Star also devotes its Page 3 to the “Star babe” who is making “a flippin’ big splash on hols”.

“The Oldham babe showed off her own buoyancy aids,” it reports, “as she frolicked on a boat trip with some pals – including Blue star Lee Ryan’s new girlfriend Emma Davis.”

And then like The Little Mermaid’s large-chested sister, she was off to emerge who knows where and bring yet more cheer into the lives of British holidaymakers…’

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