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A Plumby Cluff

by | 15th, July 2004

‘IF you are going to drop a name, make sure it’s one that will cause eyebrows to pop up like a frisky hamster.

‘Call me Algy’

In this week’s Hello! we’ve been treated to Bo, one Martha Sky Hope, one sandwich-like Hero and a Shakespearean Tybalt.

But now steel yourselves, dear reader, because Hello! attended something called the “Conservative Garden Party” at the home of Tory Party Treasurer Lord Hesketh.

And there, the mag stumbled upon (in tongue and foot) some of the assembled blues.

Michael Howard was there. William Shawcross was also there. As was Fritz Von Westenholtz.

And Antonia Frasier’s son Orlando was in attendance. And so too was Algy. Yes, Algy. It’s not everyday you get to hear of an Algy, even in polite society.

But while we are glad to see his inclusion in the roll of honour, we are sad to see that Hello! has omitted to show us all a photo of what this Algy – or indeed any other Algy – looks like.

But while we try to imagine Algy’s chin (and he tries to grow one), we suddenly realise the full effect. This is no ordinary Algy – this is Algy, brother of Blondell Cluff.

But there’s no shot of Blondell either – so we’ll just have to take Hello!’s word for it that this rare breed exists…’

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